Water Brake

Double Rotor Water Brake


  • N2 Flameless/heat recovery pumping units, Increased output of exhaust heat recovery systems, Line heaters, Any flameless application.


  • High power density. 15″ and 20″ models available.
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluids.
  • Double rotor design for balancing internal pressures and maximizing horse power draw.
  • Fluid acceleration cells designed for maximum efficiency.
  • Properly designed system efficiency of fuel to heat conversion approaching 80%. Call us for system design advice.
  • Designed for smooth loading/unloading.
  • “Isolated Seal System” designed to run full or empty.
  • Long seal and bearing life. “Bdefteted-Iffe-bearing-efotion
  • C-spline input-male.





Installed Length : 16″

Diameter:                 500H Model – 15″

Weight: 500H Model – 96Kg

Maximum Operating Pressure :100 P.S.I.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 1000 (212F)

Maximum Operating Speed: 3600 RPM

Heat Output (Water Brake Only):                               500H Model – 11,500 BTU/min

Required Supply Pressure: 50 – 75 PSI Recommended Heat Transfer Fluid:

– Ethylene Glycol – 50/50 premixed

– Extended Life coolant (organic acid technology)

*free of silicates (extends seal life)

* Chevron Delo ELC or similar

Recommended Filtration (Water Brake Supply and Seal Lubrication):

– 50 Micron (e.g. Donaldson Part #: 170546 or equivalent.)



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